Become a User

Become a User

Become a User at the DIII-D National Fusion Facility

Access to the DIII-D research program is open but controlled. All interested organizations can join the DIII-D program and gain access to unpublished data and upcoming research projects for their teams.   

The process for becoming a user is outlined here in two steps: identifying a research project and joining the program. 

Identifying a Research Project

The DIII-D program welcomes new ideas for research, which can be submitted at any time.    

If you would like to become a user in the DIII-D program (in-person or remote) to participate in experiments, start here:  

  • The first step in joining DIII-D is to identify a research project of interest to your organization. Information concerning the DIII-D research team and priority topics can be found on the Research homepage. 

Joining the program

  1. Contact the relevant Research Division leader through our Contact form to discuss the proposed work and determine how it fits within DIII-D’s research structure. The current topical groups are: 
    • Plasma-Interacting Technology 
    • Fusion Pilot Plant Research 
    • ITER Research 
  2. Download (right click and select “Download Linked File”) the form that applies to you, fill it out (the forms are fillable PDFs), and return it to Fran Castilleja.  
    • Download this form if you will be an on-site visitor 
    • Download this form if you will NOT visit in-person (remote user) 
  3. Based on these discussions, the Research Division Directorate will identify a GA host for you. 
  4. The GA host will begin a dialogue with you on scope of work. 
  5. The GA host will initiate cyber access and safety training.
  6. For research not funded through an FES award, a User Agreement must exist with DIII-D. Visit the User Agreement page to learn more. 
  7. Once your access has been initiated, visit the Onboarding page to learn more about initiating activities at DIII-D. 

Accessing the DIII-D Facility as a User

All users must have a badge to access the facility; please visit the DIII-D Badges 🔒 page for information related to the types of badges and the required documentation for badge issuance. 

If you applied to be a remote user and are planning a visit in the future, please contact Fran Castilleja at least two weeks prior to your arrival. She will guide you through the visiting process and required documentation. 

If you applied to be an on-site user, you will receive guidance during your onboarding process. 


People who are interested in a tour of DIII-D, but are not research users, may find appropriate information here: Touring the DIII-D National Fusion Facility 

Applying for Grants to Perform Research at DIII-D

Researchers are welcome and encouraged to apply for grants to support their participation in DIII-D projects. Some Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) specifically target fusion energy science and technology development and/or efforts within the DIII-D program. FOAs from the Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) program within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science are posted on the Office of Science website here. 

Records of Discussion

Applicants submitting proposals that involve research activities at DIII-D need to complete a Record of Discussion (ROD). Not all proposals require that the ROD be submitted with the application, but the DIII-D program must have its ROD for coordination with the FES program within US DOE Office of Science. 

The purpose of the ROD is to help applicants prepare a proposal that is consistent with the capabilities and plans of the DIII-D Program and to provide advance notice to FES concerning the potential resources required to support this proposed research. The ROD is not a merit review. 

Applicants are encouraged to reach out as soon as they have a summary proposal. For proposals that have a pre-application, the formal DIII-D response will be prepared after the applicant receives encouragement to submit a full proposal.  

It is important to engage as early as possible in order to ensure that a completed ROD is ready in time for submission (for those opportunities that require it be submitted).  


The steps in the ROD process are:  

  1. As soon as possible, get in touch with us thru the Contact form (select Record of Discussion) to be matched with a DIII-D Program research contact. 
  2. Applicants can submit their request for a ROD or any questions through the Contact form.
    • The appropriate form can be downloaded here. 
  3. After your research contact discussions, the ROD will be reviewed and signed by the individuals listed on the form and a final version will be delivered to you. Applicants are encouraged to ensure their part of the ROD progresses rapidly so that the entire form may be completed in time for submission.