digiLab logodigiLab is a UK-based business developing probabilistic machine learning for engineering and science applications. The company focuses on explainable uncertainty quantification and has applied its core technology twinLab on projects where de-risking is crucial. By far the largest sector for digiLab is nuclear fusion. digiLab has an ongoing collaboration with the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) working on projects ranging from surrogate models of plasma turbulence to uncertainty characterization of control systems. Whatever the project, digiLab is excited to be part of the effort to realize the dream of commercial fusion energy! 


digiLab’s focus at DIII-D is on development of machine learning tools for plasma control and simulations. We are open to collaborating with various institutions to better understand the confidence of tokamak subsystems, from gas actuators to magnetic sensors. This work will feed into the development of fusion powerplants, where it is necessary to assess the risks of operational control long before the machine is built. 

A scientist works on a laptopDr. Cyd Cowley 

Cyd is a Fusion Solutions Engineer at digiLab, guiding collaborative fusion projects at the company. He holds a doctorate in plasma physics and has a background in the field of edge plasma physics simulation for magnetic confinement fusion. Before digiLab, Cyd worked for the UKAEA simulating alternative divertors for the MAST-U spherical tokamak.  

Joining the digiLab Team

If you’re interested in getting involved with digiLab, reach out on our website. We’re a team of over 30 passionate Machine Learning Experts, Software Developers, Solution Engineers, and support members, and we are always looking for new talented people to join the team.