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Fiat Lux LLC is a geographically distributed small business that specializes in plasma physics computations for fusion energy applications. Our mission is to accelerate the development of fusion energy by providing computational and scientific research and consulting in plasma physics. We partner on government-funded open-science research and commercial projects that build the basis of a fusion power plant.  We are committed to outstanding science, reproducibility, ethical conduct, inclusivity, and transparency.


We perform extended-MHD modeling of DIII-D scenarios to aid experimental interpretation and planning and to enable code validation for extrapolation to reactor scenarios. Our areas of scientific focus include disruption and runaway electron mitigation and naturally occurring ELM-free regimes.

Valerie Izzo, Senior Scientist

Dr. Izzo works in collaboration with the fusion theory group at General Atomics and performs nonlinear extendedMHD simulations in support of DIII-D experiments in the areas of disruption mitigation and runaway electrons. Recent DIII-D modeling work has included validation of shell pellet experiments and predictive modeling of runaway electron deconfinement by a passive 3D conductor.

Jacob King, Senior Scientist

Jacob King’s research on DIII-D endeavors to understand the effects of MHD perturbations in the tokamak’s high-confinement edge-pedestal region and tearing-mode dynamics that can potentially degrade core performance. In order to enable these simulations, he has made several extensions to the NIMROD MHD code, such as incorporating a resistive wall and refining the plasma initial condition. He is presently working to extend the NIMROD MHD model to fully include multiple ion species to study the impact of effects such as radiation, impurity transport and modifications of edge stability. This development is driven by the need to understand core-edge integration for a fusion power plant and validation with DIII-D studies is essential.

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