Next Step Fusion

Next Step Fusion


Next Step Fusion is an early-stage tech startup that aims to build Industrial Control Systems and Digital Twins for fusion devices, future fusion reactors, and power plants. 

Based in the UK and Luxembourg, the company has a team of scientists, engineers, researchers, developers, and machine learning (ML) specialists who craft ML-based solutions. 

Next Step Fusion employs Reinforcement Learning to train high-speed neural networks intended for real-time control in environments where plasma behavior and tokamak operations are simulated using DINA and other codes.



Next Step Fusion collaborates closely with the DIII-D program integrating Reinforcement Learning algorithms for the development of advanced plasma control systems. By leveraging DIII-D’s historical data set and conducting controlled experiments on DIII-D plasmas, Next Step Fusion anticipates significant strides in fusion energy technology.

Joining The Next Step Fusion Team 

Career opportunities with Next Step Fusion are available at:

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