Research Campaign – 2023

2023 Research Campaign

The list below leads to abstracts for a subset of experiments performed at DIII-D in fiscal year 2023 (also: see highlights from this campaign).


2022-00-11Prepare for ITER Task ForceELM Suppression in Pre Fusion Power Operation-ITER Relevant Hydrogen Plasmas
2022-00-54Prepare for ITER Task ForceDevelopment of non-linear density control compatible with ITER-like actuators
2022-16-10Thrust: Negative Triangularity High beta poloidal with ITB scenario development in neg-D plasmas
2022-16-12Thrust: Negative TriangularityDetailed characterization of neg-D turbulent transport properties
2022-22-02Thrust: High qmin & Steady State Scenarios Optimize Access Approaches to fNI=1, bN>4, Elevated-qmin Plasma With Off-Axis CD
2022-25-05Thrust: Disruption Mitigation Inside-out mitigation by high-speed low-Z shells with solid cores
2022-31-01Divertor Science and InnovationHigh power, maximum q_par detachment
2022-34-04Advanced Material EvaluationControlled Al melting on DiMES to benchmark MEMOS-U melt layer modeling for ITER
2022-36-06Thrust: Cosed V-Shaped W Divertor Suppression of tungsten erosion in the small angle slot divertor with impurity injection

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