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Multiple UCLAaffiliated groups perform research at DIII-D. These groups are principally associated with the UCLA Physics and Astronomy Department but have historically included other UCLA Departments. These groups support Graduate Student Researchers and their related thesis research, Postdoctoral Scholars and their research, and Staff researchers.

A scientist works on a diagnostic in the reactor vessel.
Plasma Science and Diagnostic Group

This UCLA group conceptualizes, designs and fields cutting-edge plasma instruments and diagnostics for use in the harsh environment of today’s fusion research devices. Scientific research on these plasmas is a primary goal of this group. These instruments measure a wide range of parameters including density, temperature, magnetic turbulence, turbulence flows, electron density, and temperature and magnetic field profiles. The group then utilizes these and other diagnostics to extend our scientific understanding and ability to control fusion-level plasmas.  For more information, please contact ncrocker@ucla.edu or trhodes@ucla.edu.

Joining The UCLA Team

Undergraduate and graduate student admission information can be found at www.ucla.edu/admission. Employment opportunities for Postdoctoral Scholars and Staff researchers can be found by contacting the above listed email contacts.